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Privacy Policy

Welcome to Bingichi, where we keep it real and tell you how we handle your business. This here Privacy Policy explains the ins and outs of what we do with your info when you use our website or services.

1. What We Collect

We scoop up a few things:

Personal Know-How: Like your name, email, and how to reach you. You give this stuff when you want to get our newsletter, buy some cool gear, or hit us up.

Usage Intel: We check how you're vibing with our site – your IP address, what device you're on, and how you surf the web.


2. What We Do with Your Info

We use your goods for these reasons:

Hooking You Up: To give you what you came for, whether that's gear or info.

Keepin' You in the Loop: We'll hit you with some fresh emails about our gear, sweet deals, and anything else we think you might dig.

Gettin' Better Every Day: Your data helps us tweak our site and services to make them more fly.

Talkin' Back: We're here to answer your questions and keep the convo going.


3. How We Look Out for You

We don't play when it comes to your info. We use top-notch security to keep it safe. Your goods are locked up on secure servers, and we make sure your data is under wraps.


4. Sharing Ain't Our Thing

We don't play dirty. Your stuff stays with us. But sometimes we need some backup from trusted folks to run our site. Don't worry, we make sure they keep it on the down-low.


5. Cookies in the Mix

We use cookies to make your visit better. But you can change the settings in your browser if you want to keep the cookie jar locked.


6. Links to Other Spots

Sometimes we'll send you to other spots. Just remember, what happens there ain't our biz, and this Privacy Policy doesn't cover them.


7. Your Rights

If you need to see, change, or trash your info, holla at us. We're here to help.


8. Changes in the Flow

Sometimes we'll change things up, but we'll keep you posted here.


9. Reach Out

Got questions or need to talk about your info? Get at us – you can find our email address below.

Last Updated: [10.3.23]

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