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B.E. Haint Blue Long Down Jacket
  • B.E. Haint Blue Long Down Jacket

    $250.00 Regular Price
    $180.00Sale Price

    Level up your winter game with Bingichi's B.E. (Brand Echo) Haint Blue Long Down Jacket. It's all about cozying up in style. Packed with high-quality white duck-down, you've got warmth without the extra weight. No feather pokes here - our anti-drilling fabric keeps you comfy and stylish.

    Our loose fit and long style make you the ultimate street rockstar, complete with hand-warming pockets and cuffs oozing urban swag. Get comfy, stay fly. Bingichi's got your back.

    Cleaning is a breeze - just toss it in the machine with cold water, no bleach, and tumble dry low. Ironing and dry cleaning? Nah, not needed. This jacket's all about keeping it easy and keeping it cool.

    Rocking Geechee pride, just like we've been doing it for ages. Grab your B.E. Haint Blue Long Down Jacket and own those chilly streets with style. 

    Available: HAINT BLUE
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