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BinGichi Legacy Since 1982

Welcome my Geechee tribe. Peace to you and all that! Ah'rite boom. This brand is the creation of Rodrick Bingichi, presenting his own cultural reflection of our African American vibes and those deep Gullah Geechee traditions we hold dear. Look ya, Rodrick cooked up the logo - a mix of West African and Gullah tales, spinnin' modern stories that hit you dead in y’chest if ya understand.

Now, that logo, thas Jamsay Amma, the "Deity of Divine Peace". She's keepin' watch over Oneirophrenia, a dreamy state, protectin' us from the Boo Hag, a Gullah spook. You might've heard "don't let the hag ride ya" if you from round these parts, well, thissa nod to that Boo Hag legend.

Now, let's talk 'bout that thumbprint of ours – "Haint Blue". Gullah folks painted their houses this shade, thinkin' it'd send them ghosts packin'. They believed mimickin' the sky or water would fool 'em. Oh, and Amma, that's like Amen, representin' the big cultural figure in Dogon tribe beliefs from West Africa. Shout out to Mali West Africa and the culture!

Every stitch, every note, every design Bingichi crafts – it's a celebration, a piece of our heart sewn in. Love, spirituality, all mixin' with a pinch of magic. We're talkin' slick drip, music and art that tells our tale, blendin' Gullah roots with new twists. It's all about lovin' who we are and sharin' that vibe with anyone who wants to dance with us. Geechee native? You're family, come party with us! Not a Geechee? You're welcome too, showin' some love to our culture. We're raisin' our flag high and sayin' loud, we are here! Matter of fact, we binyuh! 

We been Geechee! Ok, now that you understand everybody's in, let's celebrate to-gatha!


I see many trying to create a new narrative,

and they are trying to take our swag, our qoutes, our lingo.

When its all said and done, this is for legacy.

Ima rep this til the lord say y'ova 

Then just tell em - Rodrick BinGichi

Side Look Bingichi.png

Rodrick, our company founder, is a multi-talented artist, songwriter, producer, and musician. With an impressive career spanning over the years, he has worked with renowned artists such as Raphael Saadiq, Joss Stone, LeAnn Rimes, Common, Natalie Wilson, Dorinda Clark Cole, NeedToBreathe, and Wilder Woods. He has also collaborated with D'Angelo & The Vanguard, Natasha Gray, Saeed Renaud, Chris Dave & The Drumhedz, Native Son, Benny Starr, Yannick Hiwat, and Jermaine Holmes, among others. 


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